Austin Community Survey 2012

Thanks for your interest, but the survey is closed.

About the survey

The 2012 Austin community survey was my second attempt to learn about the local Austin design (and web and tech) communities, in an effort to find ways to foster greater cohesion between what I see as dozens to hundreds of independent, disconnected design silos.

The 2012 survey was open between February 14, 2012 and March 10, 2012, and was promoted within Refresh Austin, Austin UPA, IxDA Austin, ATXDM, STC Austin and other local community organizations. The response rate was better than in 2011.

You can see the results of the 2011 survey here:

After the 2011 survey, I wrote an essay about my findings for a new design publication called Distance. You can read more about the essay here.

There is no ETA yet as to when the 2012 results will be published, but I will update this page when they are.

I’m Vitorio, it’s March 10, 2012, thanks for your interest.