At an emergent tech conference, Maya Hansen finds Tony Stark at the bar.
From Iron Man #1 (2004), written by Warren Ellis, illustrated by Adi Granov.
Out-of-print as Iron Man: Extremis, but available on select Kindle devices.
Tony Stark
I’m here to work. I run a corporation.
Maya Hansen
The rest of us are here to talk, you know.
Tony Stark
Yeah, I kind of worked that out. Lots and lots of talk.
Talking about repurposing robot vacuum cleaners for military work. Talking about consumer satellite telephony. God.
Maya Hansen
You don’t like talking?
Tony Stark
I like talking about things that’ll work.
I like talking about genuine outbreaks of the future. Not vacuum cleaner death machines and satphones no one will buy.
Why does it have to be about consumer goods?
Why do we assume the future is only a retail opportunity?
I dunno. It bugs me.